Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wow, it was fun exploring my new laptop (MacBook Pro), there are some much cooler functions than Microsoft... I changed my full page pet again as you can see, yup, the pets are cute. :] :) ^_^ ^.^

Monday, December 21, 2009

[Activity 5] My own digital collage

I am familiar with picassa and
I use Picasa to create the above digital collage in web 2.0 the one that SST had asked us to download. I like picasa app because once I saved a picture or logo from the internet a pop up instantly pops up with that picture and when I click on it I can imidiately edit it and add it to the picture collage. When I placed it in the collage I can resize and tilt the logo. I can shuffle the logos that i placed in side and so thats how i did the above collage.

There is another programme called picture collage software and I can download it at it has many templates to choose from. 

Another application is the microsoft powerpoint. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am having fun with blogging

This is the fourth time I changed my blog skin. It is very fun as I like to add in items, virtual pets, pictures, videos,etc 

[TAsk 2a]Google Map

Walking directions to School Of Science And Technology, Singapore

1.0 km – about 13 mins

Parkwest Creche
2 Jalan Lempeng Park West Condo, Singapore

1. Head northeast on Jalan Lempeng 88 m

2. Turn left to stay on Jalan Lempeng 93 m

3. Turn right to stay on Jalan Lempeng 0.1 km

4. Turn right to stay on Jalan Lempeng 0.1 km

5. Turn left at Clementi Ave 6 0.5 km

6. Turn left to stay on Clementi Ave 6

Destination will be on the right 54 m

I will walk to school everyday as I stay just opposite the school.

I find that google map is very useful as I can see live traffic on the map, add place mark, draw lines along roads, draw shapes, make my own route to school, or to different places, etc. Google map is quite accurate
but they should update their satelite picture. Their live traffic shown on the map is quite accurate too. Going to school is very easy as I live very close to school.

[Task 2b] My 2007 inter-cities english drama competition trip at Hong Kong

View Hongkong traveling2 in a larger map

My experience in blogging

At first I had zero knowledge in blogging but after trial and error in editing the blog skin, I know how to place videos, add animated icons, extra tittles, chatbox(cbox), blog views counter and links now. I am happy and now I can change blog skins after a period of time.

Blog is like my own journel, just that it is on the net. I can express my feelings by adding animated pictures from the net. I can also write about my every day school life. I really enjoy Blogging...

My feelings when i recieved the letter.

I choose this picture bcos it can represents my feelings before and after I receive the letter...happy, nervous, excited.

Before I receive the letter whether I was offered a place, I was nervous and excited. My heart raced........ my palms sweat as my MOM opened the LETTER!!!!!!! When she told me that I was offered a place in SST, I JUMPED WITH JOY. I was ELATED.

My stick figure family

Stick Figure Family at

I love my family!


I cant wait to go to school. I am looking forward to make new friends, learn in a new environment and learn new subjects.